ISIN Lanka

Certificate awarded by Central Environmental Authority
Indorama Lanka, as a responsible corporate citizen, has set tough parameters with regard to environmental issues. Some of the targets set by the company are:

To minimize pollution created by the sound of machinery. The company has set a target better than the standard level specified by the central environmental authority .The company has also made investments to ensure that the discharged water from the factory has been treated with utmost care. Generators and other equipment’s have been maintained in very good manner to ensure that the smoke and other emissions are well within the stipulated limit. Although it is not essential, the company has taken the responsibility of planting and maintaining trees within and around the premises in an attempt to create the green belt. The Central Environmental Authority, responsible for the conservation of environment in Sri Lanka has recognized the efforts made by ISIN Lanka to this cause and has awarded the company with a certificate of merit.

Indorama Lanka is a large and a key investor in Sri Lanka. Considering the contribution to the Sri Lankan economy through direct investment, foreign exchange earnings, provision of direct employment to Sri Lankans, technical advancements and other indirect contributions, the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BOI) has granted the company a special certificate to operate as a BOI company in Sri Lanka.