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Community Initiatives

ISIN Lanka

ISIN Lanka's manufacturing unit is located in close proximity to a village and considers itself responsible towards the local community and its well-being.

In a typical Sri Lankan village, the school forms a very important part of the society. The company has a very close and special relationship with the village school. ISIN Lanka actively participates in the development activities of the school. The company has initiated and assisted the school in developing facilities for computer education. The village school has recognised ISIN Lanka as its most outstanding well-wisher during the school's 100th year anniversary recently.

Religion is an integral part of everybody's life. As a predominantly Buddhist country, Sri Lankan lifestyle is closely connected to the village temple. The company understands the importance of religion and has developed a close rapport with the local temple. Due to the close relationship with the village temple, ISIN Lanka's employees get assistance and guidelines from the temple, particularly from the head priest.