About Us


PT. Indo-Rama Synthetics Tbk ("Company") commenced commercial operations in 1975.

The Company, incorporated in 1975, commenced commercial production in 1976 with a cotton spinning mill in Purwakarta steadily diversified and expanded its Spun Yarn business and added manufacturing of Polyester Filament Yarns, Polyester Staple Fibers, PET Resin, Polyester Chips, and Polyester Filament Fabrics production for global markets, with plants located in West Java (in Purwakarta, Campaka and Bandung), Indonesia. The Company has been listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange since 1990.

The Company is one of Indonesia’s largest exporters and has been a regular winner of the prestigious Primaniyarta award for its export performance. The Company exports to premium customers in North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. A continuous process of reinvestment and productivity enhancement programs has made the Company one of the most competitive producers of polyester worldwide. The Company’s business is all about delivering superior quality, consistency and reliability with the right service every time. The Company is involved in the following activities:


The Company’s current installed capacity is 233,000 tpa of PFY, PSF & Textile chips; 98,000 tpa of PET Resin.

Spun Yarns

The Company’s current installed capacity is over 428,000 spindles.


The Company's currently installed capacity is 53 million meters per annum of woven and processed polyester filament fabrics.

Captive Power Plant

In 2006, Indorama Synthetics set up a 60 MW coal based power plant (2 x 30 MW) to address its power requirements at its large complex in Purwakarta, Indonesia.

The Company has consistently operated at high level of capacity utilisation, surpassing its peers both in Asia and globally. The Company exports its products to over 70 countries covering all the five major continents across the globe. The facilities and infrastructure at its Purwakarta complex are unparalleled. The Company has set up a foundation Yayasan Pendidikan Indorama, Purwakarta, and set up a Politeknik Engineering Indorama, a world class engineering polytechnic that is focused on providing high quality and industry relevant education at subsidized cost for Indonesian students. The Company has also sponsored Rama Global School Foundation, Purwakarta, which has set up Rama Global School for children of the Company’s employee and from neighboring companies.

The corporate head office is located in Jakarta, where central functions are performed, such as procurement, logistics, finance, and marketing. The ultimate holding company of the Company is Indorama Corporation Pte. Ltd. (www.indorama.com).